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NAME: Johnny Guadalupe
EYES: No one knows. You can't see his eyes. He's always wearin' those cool shades.
HAIR: brown
MISC: Ah, Johnny. The symbol of all awesomeness. He happens to be the main character of this webcomic that you have stumbled upon. You obviously have too much time on your hands if you're checking out webcomics on the internet in the first place. You should find a hobby. Anyways, Johnny is the kind of guy that finds himself in whacky situations. Like almost dying. Several times. That's pretty whacky. Because of this, Johnny has gained quite a few enemies. Johnny is pretty much impossible to describe. There's only one way to truly experience Johnny...... By reading the freakin' comic. What are you doing on the characters page anyway? No one goes here.

NAME: Scott
EYES: Black
HAIR: blonde (It's not green, okay!)
MISC: Scott, a friend of Johnny's, is one of those guys who always blends into the background. Because of an over-exposure of video games and televison, he is so desensitized that he almost no longer obtains an imagination. If he tried to do something fun and exciting without Johnny, his head would explode. Fo' real. I wouldn't kid about these things. Johnny helped Scott escape from the prison of eternally playing video games in his room all day. Johnny took an axe to Scott's playstation, and demons were released from the blasted game system. Johnny had to fight them one on one, as the theme to Mortal Combat played. It was probably the most dramatic thing I have ever seen. I was too lazy to put it into comic form, so you'll never see it.

NAME: Mel (It's short for Melanie)
GENDER: Female
EYES: Blue
HAIR: blackish
MISC: When Mel was first written into the series, ahe was going to be played by a rotting tree stump. (The scenes of Johnny and a tree stump contemplating on the meaning of life were hilarious!) But then I soon realized that I had to have a mandatory female character, as in all comics and TV shows. So I quickly changed her into a girl. But when you think about it, there's not that much of a difference..... So, Mel is kind of the voice of reason in the comic. She's always like, "That sounds dangerous, Johnny." or "What?! That makes no sense!" or "Johnny, don't throw that Mountain Dew can at those terrorists! They'll kill you!". Yeah, so to put it simple, she's always nagging about something. But, she does have her spouts of stupidity, like most women. ... And men......Yeah..........

NAME: Doyle
EYES: Bluish weirdish stuff
HAIR: blackish, stuffish stuff
MISC: Well, sadly the character Doyle has died, so there's not much to say about him. He sacrificed himself to save his friends, in a dramatic fashion. Some say the author killed him off because of drug-related problems with the actor but the author "supposedly" said that he always planned to kill Doyle off ever since the beginning of the webcomic, even though he built up an unfinished storyline with the character. Ah, well. Sucks to his assmar.

I'll add more later. Maybe. I'm a pretty lazy guy.