Here's links to some other webcomics that don't annoy and/or anger me and that I relatively enjoy. Here ya go.
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Awesome Title

This webcomic has awesome in the name, so it has to be good. Really, go here. See the hilarity, as four friends unite to discover what makes this universe tick. Or, what doesn't....... The guy that makes these comics also helped inspire me. And he belongs to this site's forum. So he deserves some credit.


Once again, another one of those inspirers. This one's AWESOME. Go there and see for yourself. It's about the life and times of Jeffrey Rowland, a comic artist of the inter nets. Just go there, okay?

Rob and Elliot

I found a link to this webcomic, and I went to it expecting it would just be a run-of-the-mill, boring, too-dry-humored webcomic, because it has a pretty simple title. I was wrong. This one is awesome. It's just about the adventures of two guys named Rob and Elliot. Here's my favorite.


Also, most importantly, I must put a link to Smack Jeeves. This is one of the best free webcomic hosts you could find on the nets. Thank you, Smack Jeeves, for letting me spread happiness to all the little school children. I couldn't find a banner. Click here.


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